Dogus University: From the Past to the Present

Dogus Schools started its educational life as a High School in 1974, with the aim of both educating its students as modern, secular, democratic and freethinking individuals that follow Ataturk’s principles and supplying them with the awareness and strength to contribute to our economic and cultural development. Later on, by establishing kindergartens, an elementary school, a science high school and an IB world school, it continued serving the Turkish Educational System in each phase of elementary and secondary education.

As a result of the successful and industrious endeavor of Dogus Education Foundation, which was established by Dogus Schools in 1995, Dogus University was founded by the Act of Parliament, 4281, passed by Turkish Grand National Assembly on 9 July 1997.

Doğuş University with its rapid academic progress has gained a successful place in higher education in a short time. It has 27 undergraduate programs in the departments, 11 associate degree programs in the vocational school, 18 graduate programs and 7 doctorate programs in two institutes. In addition to these, Continuing Education Center was established with the lifelong learning approach in 2001.

As Dogus University has been a member of the Erasmus Exchange Program since 2003, Dogus students can benefit from exchange student programs in accordance with Bilateral Agreements signed with over 81 universities.

The highly acclaimed academic qualifications, experience, and intellectual background of the academics, combined with their enthusiasm for constant research and self-improvement, result in their valuable contribution to science and hence in the efficiency, high quality, and success of the education offered at Dogus University.

Since its foundation, Doğuş University has gained ground as a “global university”. Basing its development on this principle it has once more officially registered its academic quality by successfully ranking among the world’s best two thousand universities, as one of the 63 Turkish universities, listed according to the URAP ranking system data. When evaluated among the foundation universities Doğuş University’s success is even more remarkable. Of the 52 foundation universities in Turkey only ten are placed in the list, and Doğuş University is one of them. Doğuş University ranks 5th when the list is analyzed in terms of İstanbul Foundation Universities.

Evaluating universities with open sources such as ISI (Information Sciences Institute) and Google Scholar, and with the data published in nationally most notable establishments as YÖK and ÖSYM, URAP’s current ranking results were announced in the “URAP (university Ranking by Academic Performance) Symposium” held in METU in December 2010. Domestic and foreign universities were ranked according to the most significant criteria determining academic education institutions’ success. Universities were assessed according to “Number of publications, number of publications per academic member, number of references, number of references per academic member, number of Google Scholar publications, number of Google Scholar publications per academic member, number of postgraduate students, ratio of postgraduate students, number of students per academic member”.

The basic philosophy of all the activities conducted is to enhance primarily student and shareholder gratification and to be a world university based on a people oriented education system and to have the strength to renew itself by being open to change, research and lifelong learning. Doğuş University will continue to elevate its distinguished position, in the light of the academic developments in the world, considering the facts of the country.